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Categories Commissions Business per sold item Premium business per sold item
Jewel 20% 1.25$ TTC 1.12$ TTC
Fashion 10% 1.25$ TTC 1.12$ TTC
Watch 18% 1.25$ TTC 1.12$ TTC
6 month Free Merchant Premium Merchant
Your choice option 39.90 $ / month 45.00 $ / month
Integration of data flux  
Extranet Merchant
Online shop Merchant
Sales report
Commission reduction per quantity  
Maximal number of items 1000 Unlimited
Starqos.TV On demand On demand
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Whole universe of STARQOS Jewel


STARQOS invites you to discover its universe dedicated to Jewelry
All styles are represented, from the most classic to the most original, great designers and anonymous designers, costume jewelery to large jewelry. Specialists are at your disposal to advise, guide and help you in your choice.

One of the biggest jewelers in the world is now online !

Don''t wait and good shop !

Whole universe of STARQOS Fashion

Fashion is a passion and you do not want to run around?
So do not move, make yourself comfortable and let you discover her Starqos Fashion universe.

Ready to wear to accessories, from shoes to underwear, from classic to quirky. Everything is there!

Live now Shopping experience unique!

Whole universe of STARQOS Watch

Let us guide you through this wonderful and fascinating world.
Starqos Watch is dedicated to watches. At all times, and especially all the time, the watch has always fascinated and became Accessor essential in today''s world where everything goes very fast. The Athlete or real piece of jewelery look, you will find one that suits you.

The clock is ticking, the second parade, then go ahead, enjoy and go on Starqos Watch !